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The Patrick Cleburne Society has established an archives as a repository on General Cleburne for researchers. Many of the items belonging to the general are scattered around the country. Some have been located in museums and others remain in private collections. The Cleburne family received none of his personal effects or belongings, but have contributed some family photographs and other information to our Society. It is part of our mission to preserve his memory by documenting the existence of Cleburne items.

The Patrick Cleburne Society continues to locate, document, and help preserve letters, diaries, photographs, or other items either owned by General Cleburne, or about him. If you know of any original letters written to him, or by him please contact us. We want to obtain copies to add to our archives, or acquire original documents or photographs through purchase or donation. In this way we can become the primary research center on his life.

We are a professional and ethical organization. All contacts will be kept strictly confidential. No information will be given out regarding location of anything. All items remain the property of the owner or copyright holder, and no information will be posted on the internet, published or given to researchers without written permission from the owner or donor.

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