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     For all his courage, his sterling character, and selfless commitment to his cause, Patrick Cleburne has not received the commemoration his career and personal bravery deserve. The Patrick Cleburne Society was founded in 1998 to perpetuate his memory through events and seminars commemorating his life and accomplishments. Our mission has an additional purpose. Many places associated with Cleburne’s Division are either gone or endangered. Sites like Perryville and Ringgold Gap are in private hands, safe for the moment but with uncertain futures and no guarantee to ensure their preservation. Even on National Battlefield properties there are no monuments to his leadership or the sacrifice of the men who followed Pat Cleburne. Richmond, Kentucky, Missionary Ridge, Pickett’s Mill and Jonesboro from the Atlanta Campaign, and of course Franklin are examples of his courage and brilliant command. Yet no past effort has been made to mark for posterity the foremost points on these fields where Cleburne fought, and ultimately died. Arguably the best Confederate general in the Army of Tennessee, Cleburne remains virtually unknown to most Americans and many Southerners. Through the Patrick Cleburne Society, we hope to rectify this oversight, and preserve for future generations not only the battlefields where Cleburne’s Division won immortality, but the story of the man who led it.


Patrick Cleburne Society
P.O. Box 157
1113 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin, Tennessee 37064

[email protected]

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