A Meteor Shining Brightly


About the Book-

     The Life of Patrick Cleburne was the stuff of epics and novels.  From a teenage runaway to a lowly private in Wellington's Army, he was thrown on his own resources at an early age, while the Ireland of his youth mounted a call for independence.  He came to America as impoverished gentry, to seek a new start from the ravages of the Great Famine, and on his own merit he carved a life in the young frontier town of Helena, ArkansasA Meteor Shining Brightly.
     Shaped by the harshness of the British Army, and his Irish heritage, his concept of freedom was more political than inalienable.  When his adopted country was ripped apart by war, Cleburne followed his conscience, coming from nowhere to gain fame and immortality as the highest ranking Irishman of either army, and the most capable division commander of the Confederate army.  From Shiloh to Jonesboro Cleburne won glory from the Army of Tennessee. His spirit was a meteor shining brightly, whole trail blazed out abruptly at Franklin, Tennessee on November 30, 1864.
     The essays featured here, covering the highlights of his life with thoughtful and well-documented insight, reveal his heart and provide a compelling read.

About the Author-

Mauriel Phillips Joslyn is author or editor of five books about the Civil War.  She has lectured and written extensively on the war, and was nominated Georgia Author of the Year for 1996.

What People are Saying- 
Author- Mauriel Phillips Joslyn

  "These essays provide readers with exciting new information about and interpretations of one of the Confederacy's most able and controversial generals.  Who was Pat Cleburne?  How good a commander was he?  Why didn't he rise higher in the army?  These and other questions are answered in well written and meticulously researched chapters.  This book belongs on the shelves of everyone interested in the Western Theater and Civil War leadership."

-Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.  Pamplin Park Civil War Site

     "Natural intellect, compelling logic and great courage led Confederate Major General Patrick Cleburne to suggest that independence for the South might best be won through independence for the Slave.  Loved by the men he commanded and admired by the generals he served, Cleburne's competent, and at times audacious, leadership on the western battlefields promised a brilliant future.  His controversial emancipation position would make him a liability to the Richmond government and , until now, to many southern writers.  Now the fascinating life of Patrick Cleburne is revealed through this scholarly collection of essays.  A Meteor Shining Brightly explores the brilliance of the general some have claimed as the most capable, and most controversial, Confederate division commander."

-Lt. Col. Keith Gibson  Director of Museum Programs

Virginia Military Institute


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